Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Motorway madness.........

Its 2:30 am and raining cats and dogs and i cant see yards ahead of my bonnet, yet im tearing down the motorway towards Glasgow back from Edinburgh's Hogmany. Everything around me is blurd, the dials, signals, lanes everything, never have i been so non-connected to the car, im usually a very passionate driver, i literally talk to my car but today feels so very different. Im not concentrating enough, its only wen my friend in the passenger seat shakes me from my dream world that i come to my senses.

So wat am i thinking abt, wats so fuckin eating my brains?? Id never felt so kinda strange after a New Years party, my brain just keeps harking back to the previous yrs, the people ive been close to, the people who have ment a lot to me then/now, the people who pulled the rug beneath my feet.....loads of things running in my mind, clogged with unnecessary thoughts and emotions.

When i sit down and really think abt the previous couple of yrs its been a big 'learning curve'. Ive learned a lot, matured my thinking process, been wounded, bruised and tourtured(all mentally). Now im more measured, all that bashing has really made me take a 'U' turn in life and made me stare at the real wicked face of reality. Time is the biggest healer and also is the biggest teacher.