Sunday, 26 October 2008

Of temples and mosques

Its easy not to be overwhelmed by the beauracracy in Saudi Arabia, sometimes i feel its worse than India. Not that i dont love my country but considering the 'favours' u gotta do to people to get things done in India, id rather be a country hater.

Indians are hospitable, modest, brainy, innocent, god fearing...blah, blah.........yeah yeah i've heard that before. In many ways Saudi Arabia is similar to India, in India you can be the most hated, criminal, pimp arse monie laundering politician yet if you construct a temple all ur sins are washed away. Same concept here, do wat you want, but pray 5 times a day.

Everybody lives in a world of make time you donate to a temple, think of the malnutritioned street kid who so enviably watches your own son or daughter drive to school. Think stupid.....frikkin think....God can wait, not the hungry kid.