Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Women or I-robot??

Its become such a routine that now my body works like a clockwork. Its 6:45am and bang my darn alarm goes off (alwayz rite in the middle of nice romantic or sleezy dream), i obviously put my phone on snooze hoping to recontinue my dream but alas before i know it the alarm goes off again.

Before i stumble my way to the shower i manage to switch-on the kettle for some nice tea to 'awake' me up. So thats me showered and barely awake when i crib and moan abt my shirt not being ironed or not matching with the tie. As alwayz i either find my tie or my shirt but not both of them together!!! Eventually i find my tie holed up inbetween the couches or wedged firmly somewhere.

In between my battle with the tie and shirt i wud have put the bread on the toaster and by now it wud be nothing but a black toasted piece of carbon deposits. So eventually after im all dressed and eaten wat is left of the carbon deposits, im bloody late for my bus. Grabbing my jacket i charge down the stairs just to meet my beautiful next door neighbour, acting casual i chat her up on the way to the bus stop(inspite of knowing im late, wat a pervert!!).

Ofcourse, i miss my bus and wait for an agonising 10 mins for the next bus to arrive. Eventually arriving at my office i head straight to the cafe to grab some final "wake me up"hot chocolate. I manage to make it to my desk at 8:29 huffing and puffing looking like ive escaped from a war-zone. Well this is not exactly how my manager wants me to look in front of the clients so he asks me how i manage to look like this everyday other day. I give him the same bloody answer "u've a woman to do ur chores" not that it makes any sense but just my realisation that women are afterall necessary in a mans life. But i'll stick to "Its a mans world". Necessity is the mother of all invention, ill buy a Robot!