Friday, 14 September 2007

Culdn come up with an appropriate heading!

Priyanka, my collegue is a typical indian girl, witty, smart and very strong willed, oh not to mention very stubborn. She is wat i wud typically classify the indian girl of today. U can see the dreams in her eyes, a lost trance as she guages the people around her when i sit with her in our office cafe. She talks and talks like most girls and typically she would discuss her aspirations, the things she wud buy for her house, etc etc......alwayz dreamy.

Had i met Priyanka a couple of years back i wud have categorized her in a totally different league, the rebel of indian girls, picking guys, never subdued and never beaten in an argument with the guys. Now shez happily married and very subdued, its only occationally i get to see the real her when she rolls her eyes and smirks at my male chauvnistic jokes.

My point is, indian girls once married somehow seem to loose their real self, they relate a lot to their husbands and their society, they tend to project an image which may or may not reflect their inner self. In short they confine themselves to their immediate surroundings, let me stress that in most cases they dont have an option, the society demands.

Oh...sayin so ...Raj....Priyanka's hubby is a charmer, guess very few people can see the 2 sides of a coin unless ur marrying the girl u fell in love with. Raj is lucky, most of us would never know the flip side of the girl we are goin to marry.

Saying that, im thinking abt a joke i cud use to crack Priyanka up tomorow, its nice to unleash the devil once in a while.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

A confused desi

A group of abt 5 young desi indians hustle and bustle near a busy bus-stop in Glasgow city center, they are holding a map and are obviously trying to figure out a way to get to some place, I watch them with keen interest as they talk excitedly among themselves, they were kicking up a riot. It was then i heard one of the most absurd comments from a Pakistani guy standing in the same bus-stop , "Bloody immigrants"!!

That put my brains into overdrive, blood pumped into my heart at a furious pace, i wanted to grab the guy by his collar and remind him of his roots. Obviously he expects some peace and quiet in the bus-stop of the country he was born but that numbskull didnt probably know the phrase "Bloody immigrants" refers to him as well!! He may be 3rd generation but hez definitely an immigrant in the eyes of the natives.

I sniggered with contempt, the confused desi that he is, cannot comprehend the fact that be it how much u try to emote a 'white' guy u will alwayz be 'just another immigrant desi'.

I've got nothing against the guy, hez probably just as confused as any 3rd gen desi born in UK wud be, their loyalties always doubted abt their adopted country. But this particular guy cracked me up, confused bloody idiot!! "Roots stupid......remember ur frikkin roots....!"i told myself.