Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Of sin rooms and submissions

So im in Saudi....its weird how things work. The other day im sittin in my house jobless talkin to mom, now im here. Its not even a year since i left UK for India but now im in Saudi. So why am i writing all this....im fuckin bored. I've got 5 document submissions and my proponents have decided to mind fuck me for the rest of this project. All my documents have gone thro' 4 versions and they still keep calling my submissions as drafts......when on earth will they stop callin my document a draft and accept it for submission......God im pissed!! Sorry abt the rambling, needed an outlet.
To make things worse, its Ramadan month so no eating, drinking in public. All canteens are closed in the office and my team has to literally tip toe to one of the 'Sin-rooms' made available to us sinners for having our lunch and coffee. Is'nt my life great!!
Further ramblings are inspired by the regular bomb blasts i see in the news, wer the this all heading to? Innocent lives are lost on a daily basis and these pimps(read politicians) dont seem to fucking care, all they do is read out prepared text in front of the press. Hello.... is anybody actually doin something??
More inspiration comes from our Prime Minister who seems to be hell bent on the Nuke Deal? Agreed it wud supply the much needed energy but is congress actually interested in beefing up security, naah not their personal black cats, but for the common man on the street.
Sorry abt the rambling......had to let go of the steam.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


There are somethings which you realize as you grow up although most of the time u live in a state of denial. I've actually realized the following things today:
  • i dont know to say 'No'
  • i really need to control my weight, its no longer easy to stay in shape after ur 25
  • drinking is only for fun and should not be done religiously
  • learn to control your tongue when your drunk
  • not all beautiful girls are girlfriend material
  • speeding is fun but an arm and a leg is a little too much to loose
  • your dad is always right (well almost alwayz)
  • your mom still thinks your 16 yrs old and treats you like one
  • your girlfriend(s) are not the end of the world
  • you really need to start saving monie
  • your relatives dont need you
  • most of your friends dont need you
  • respect your parents and buy them gifts
  • your mobile is an extention of your body
  • cartoons are boring
  • world news actually matters
  • tv serials are the worst things happening to women at home
  • politicians suck big time, they can wipea@#$ instead of laundering monie
  • there are genuine good people in this world
  • never judge people likewise never confide in people
  • cricket is the most overhyped sport in India....Dhoni prbly contributes to more than half of the GDP of Jharkkhand
  • did i mention politicians are bigots, thiefs, criminals, pimps and they happen to decide the fate of our country.
  • tamil is an incredibly amazing language and has to be preserved

Monday, 1 September 2008

Compulsive confessor

The compulsive confessor, google it guyz and im sure you will not be disappointed. Came across this personal blog and now im hooked, here is this young chic from delhi rambling sweet nothingsss and i cant stop reading her posts. Ya know wat is addictive abt her blog? its the way she writes about personal stuff......well everybody likes a bit of voyeurism. Hey shez releasing a book now!!! But her writing is awesome, very bold and very well written.