Sunday, 2 March 2008

Of eyes which tell you a story.

On route to work everyday I've noticed this handicapped young guy sitting on the roadside near a busy bus-stop. The guy is young with an pair of the most innocent eyes i've seen, they literally seem to tell you his story. I deliberately try to make eye contact with him everyday as my office cab passes by and was hoping to give him some money the next time i see him but now i don't see him in his usual place and its now giving me a nagging feeling, i should have given him monie when i could have......hmmm keeping fingers crossed.

When i was his age i would have probably been on my bike driving up and down aimlessly and spending monie for no reason etall. But he sits in that corner helplessly looking upto people for grants and pittances. Life is so very unfair! some have everything, others have nothing....