Sunday, 30 November 2008

To all the brave men!

India was attacked yet again and yet again it was the brave men in the uniforms who so valiantly defended Mumbai. Today i will forget abt the tainted policemen and military personnel. Im gonna salute the police officers and miliary personnel who took the fight to the enemy and won.

They put their lives at risk to save ours, a truly supreme sacrifice. How many of us would be willing to die for somebody not even remotely related to their life??.....none!

Case in point, were the fuck are the brave men, son of the soil of Maharashtra?? MSN and Bal Thackrey and RSS are probably hiding behind their women crying and clinging on to their dear life at the sound of bombs and gun shots. Be a man and face an armed enemy of the country rather than being wimpey women and harassing unarmed casual civilians. Shame on you.

The officers and armed personnel who defended your Mumbai where not son of soil but they laid down their lives for you. MSN and similar like minded idiots should now slap themselves in their face. Shame on you.

Jai Hind!!