Friday, 23 November 2007


Im back in India after nearly 3.5 yrs in UK. It’s been a month since I’ve found this new job in my hometown, and now I’m trying to weigh my pros and cons about my decision. Making the decision to return to India was not done in haste, it’s was a conscious decision but most importantly it was ‘my’ decision. I would have followed the heard all along but this time I decide and I follow. I don’t know how its gonna work out, God willing if it does I’m gonna pat myself in the back else I’m solely responsible.

So what did make me come back to India, from a developed to developing country, from being a desi to being an Indian, from a weakening to a growing economy, the list endless. I might never know what triggered my move. I would say a sense of belonging and a passion to experience the growth of India first hand triggered it, but I might never know the answer.

I’ve come back to my land where people drive in the most undisciplined way, don’t say thank you, don’t hold the doors open, have no courtesy, and throw garbage right outside the garbage boxes. But i can see a million smiling faces, a will to succeed and survive in spite of the competition being cut-throat. I can truly see a million youngsters driving to work; I can see a sleeping giant awakening in spite of the corrupt politician, red taped bureaucrat and the all powerful entrepreneur trying to sell this great country. We will survive, we will succeed, and we will conquer.

-Jai Hind

Saturday, 10 November 2007

For all thats worth.....!!!

Either im trying too hard to rake my non-existent brains to come up with appropriate headings or im just running out of vocabularies to come up with anythin suitable for my posts.......

Well "For all thats worth" is a genuine attempt by me to address the concept of designer labels in everyday lives. My friend is crazy abt DKNY labels, she normally doesnt mind buying stuff which has got somebody's name on it. Not that i dont buy designer stuff but im quiet apprehensive abt having somebody else's name on my underwear.

People buying designer stuff can be broadly categorized into 2 types, 1) the thrill of flaunting 'u have it, u flaunt it' and 2) some just like the feeling of being in that exclusive club(limited editions) ' im classy, im rich'. The underlining principle is that ur gonna shell out a lot of monie for something thats not worth even half of the retail price. Im no God either, id happily buy a FCUK T-shirt coz its cheesy but i dont have the monie nwayz ;)

If we do a little bit of research ud notice that most of these so called exclusive designers get their stuff done in third world countries or developing nations where they can exploit the cheap labour and to an extent even child labour. No buyer is interested where his stuff is made, all he needs is some guys/gurls name written in bold on his/her underwear respectively.

U dont need designers to look good, u need confidence!!! The next time you buy designer stuff think again, your gonna blow ur money on something totally unnecessary, whereas the same people who made the stuff struggle to eat one full course of meal a day.