Saturday, 10 February 2007

Stevo-the man!!

Its something which totally blew me off my mind, Steven my manager was walking around with a couple of bin bags around my cabin. I didnt mind coz i know he is eccentric et times but peering above to his desk i noticed that one of the cleaners was sitting in his the fuck is happenin?? a manager waking around the floor with bin bags and a cleaner sitting in his chair!! Well, apparently the cleaner was not well and my manager decided to empty the bins and clear out the tables on her behalf. This he did not to gain any positive remarks from his collegues but just out of 'human-ness'. I could literally see the gratitude the cleaner felt towards Steven.

Steven could have been like any other manager, not bothering to care abt the poor lady and go about his business but he went out of the way to help this lady whom he might never have noticed the day before. I was literally awe stuck by the guys attitude, actions speak louder than words so they say, we know eveybody is gud at heart but who really does go outta the way to help people? very few indeed.

I've worked in India and Abroad and there is one fundamental difference, dignity of labour. Steven respected the Cleaner for her duty and vice versa, there is no High level and Low level here whereas in India we find a vast hierarchy and people being looked up/down upon depending on the type of job. Guess we'll have to live with it. Im pretty sure i wont find many-a-Stevens in India.