Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Ok, this is something which everybody will agree on. Coimbatore(cbe) does not rock, does not have a proper shopping mall, does not have proper roads, does not have a proper pub. But wat it does have is amazing climate, greenery, ooty and sweet water. I would not compare cbe with chennai(mas). Mas is a thriving city with a real cosmo feel about it, u have ur italian/spanish/continental joints, pubs, clubs, malls everything an individual would need to spend his monie on.

But mas has got amazingly bad weather, insanely hot and humid, polluted to the max, millions of ppl on the flithy streets, water(aaarrg!) u call that water?? and traffic, takes u eon yrs to commute from one street to the next. Wen it rains, chennai sucks big time...water everywhere, something outta "Water world" set. Draining seeping, traffic congestion and what not....

Coimbatore is peacefull, pleasant weather, really cooked ppl though(oops i hate to generalize), dont be fooled by the sweet 'kovai' tamil. IT is still nascent is Cbe but its catching up big time and u can tell, the infrastructure is not bummed up, the roads are beginning to get clogged, multiplexes are propping up everywhere, high rises and appt's are a common site. But does all this bring a cosmo feel to the city, sure it does only that coimbatore is becoming every bit chennai has become.

Sorry abt the rant, just though i need to speak my mind......wat are the friggin politicians upto?