Saturday, 30 December 2006

Saddam, hanged.

President Saddam Hussain is dead, hanged. Americans have done away with another of their iconic creations on the lines of Osama bin Laden and many other tyrrants and dictators. Ever wondered why Saddam who was a poster boy of the US was hunted down and hanged? To hell with the Americans, their greed for world domination, oil and "Big Brother" attitude is fuelling hatred and fear.

Bush might look like a real fcuked up clown with his many famous impersonations and jokes but that man runs the world, every damn move he makes is how he wants them. He is the worlds' policeman having his toes and fingers in every countries arse. He runs the world the way he wants the world to run, is that bastard not clever??

Let me give u a few points to ponder over these imperialistic nations who have not yet given up on imperialism:

# Terrorism was introduced to the world by British and American intelligence to counter Russian Commuism.
# Saddam was a creation of the US to counter Iran's clerial and radical adventures
# George H Bush, was the director for a bank which fuelled the Nazi war machine during the Second World War.
# Geroge W Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and a host of other top american politicians have stakes in Zapata Oil which was created by Geroge HW Bush.

Ironically these countries now strive to for world-peace by being the largest producers of arms and ammunitions which they export via their many arms dealers to third world countries like Sudan, Somalia and rest of Africa and South America to fuel insurgency and civil war.

So where is the world heading to? Im clueless, US is and will remain a potent force for many years to come. Thankfully this is the clowns' last term as president but there will be more clowns to take his place coz US has a govt. inside a govt. Its aspirations of world domination has just started. We just have to wait and watch as the drama unfolds. The clowns in a stars and stripes will keep clowing around and we wont realise until our arse is on fire just like Iraq's.

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Sensitivity? WTF??

Guyz are considered to be the insensitive lot, they tend to forget b'days, due dates and wat not. Yeah, gurls are sensitive....accepted, but only when it comes to themselves. They are NOT sensitive to things/people which are outside their perimeter of acceptance. I might not be old enough to make psychological assumptions but im definitely not a lame duck to accept preconcieved notions that 'girls are the sensitive lot'.

As far as i can see, girls have this unique ability to block out things/people their consider no-longer wanted entirely from their brain box. It is truly an amazing achievement for a gender which is considered 'soft, gentle and sensitive'. Im not sacarstic, its just that im in awe abt the female species which so famously keeps cribbing abt our sensitivity or rather the lack of it.

Im aware people wud disagree with me on this particular post but i dont give a flying fudge!! Girls are insensitive, they are sensitive enough only when the issue of sensitivity concerns themselves.

Monday, 25 December 2006

The Gang, tkns to Orkut

There used to be this group of guyz/gals who used to hang around, I wont mention the names its really not necessary. I wont forget our trips to Koval Kuttralam, Videghi Falls, etc. We were a really nice group of teens in their prime enjoyin life until we split for reasons unknown. After the gang split i really didnt think in my faintest imagination that all of us would again end up on Orkut and be in touch again. This post is not just to talk abt The Gang but abt Orkut.

Apart from The Gang, all my long lost friends suddenly appeared outa nowhere, tkns to Orkut. And hey, im not over-reacting, i never knew it wud be humanely possible for me to establish any sort of communication with them cosidering some of the guyz i lost touch with were 10 -12 yrs bac!!!

Technology is something which we have taken for granted, my dad was dumbstruck wen i told him abt Orkut and my long lost frends. He felt sad that his generation is past that stage. We are the privileged generation of ipods, mobiles, Playstations and wat not.

Sunday, 24 December 2006


Well,wat can i say abt my college life. Can i say abt the mass bunks we put just to get some fresh air from the hills of Ooty which was abt 2hrs drive or cud i say abt the ego clashes we had with other dept's which wud for no god damn reason end up with skirmishes.

My friends from college wer everything, ive made some very gud frends who shared my thirst for travel and riding. We used to drive all the way to Kodai or Valparai near Pollachi just for the heck of it. And wen our IIIyr tour was cancelled we mass-bunked and drove all the way to B'lore(our original destination) just to show whose the "Boss". Such was our passion for drivin that going to Ooty became somethin like driving into town for a quick meal.

Gurls wer a big 'no' in my gang(ironically everybody from that gang is either married off or goin around now....bloody hypocrates!!!), Bikes wer everythin, they wer our partners, lovers call wat u may. I was devoted to her, id spend all my money(cosidering my RX's thirst for Petrol). At the slightest chance we wud push off for the weekend havin little or no money. I remember drivin downhill from Ooty to Mettuppalyam with my ignitions turned off, just to save fuel and thats a fucking 55 kilometers of sheer ghat roads and downhill.

How i miss those glorious dayz of hanging around with absolutely no responsibility, not thinking abt the future, ranking the girls in the college, pitying the guyz who put 'kadalai', sitting in my workshop and servicing my bike, wow life was so much more peaceful back then.

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Maturity in the making

Years of stayin away from home is finally bringing out ma inner-self, makin me who i am today. Harking back to my yesteryears i realise how immatured and dumb-ass ive been well i know everybody feels the same but id been a complete Idiot!!!

To start off with, id not been bad in studies but hey id never made an effort to be gud in it so therein lies ma quandry, am i gud or bad in studies? i really never know!!!
Im not a bad sports person, i still crib abt my chances of not representing my school in badminton coz my best frend bac then was my class teachers nephew and he got the chance inspite of him not being gud enough. I was quiet a gud player havin trained by a national coach.

Its school again this time, i trained with my teammates for the school zonals but never got the call- reason : my coach didnt know how to contact me wen he picked his final 11!!! therein goes my damn luck again.

Bac again in the college dayz id been a sub for the badminton team(thou' the team was only 3 ppl strong), it never occured to me to go all out and play competitive. Id happily stick around just for the fact that i cud miss my classes or get OnDuty wen a tournament is on.

As for studies, i kept loads of arrears durin my inital college dayz, the simple reason being, im addicted to my Yamaha RX100(Id dedicate a post to my bike later). Eventually i turned around to studies again and made some sound progress and passed my Masters with some pretty convincing stats. But it still occurs to me that i could have done much better had i realised b4 that the world we live in 2day is so Dog-eat-Dog.

First post

Thou' im not averse to reading anythin which i can lay ma hands on, its never occured to me to Blogg. Well for a start, patience is not im ma blood, but now im tryin to make an effort to start bloggin- courtesy, a long time frend, how? i chanced to read her scribbling's and though "Y culdnt i try doin that?" and hey full credit to her way with words and vocabs which i dont hope to match etall. One thing which really stuck me was her simplicity in the lang, it was readable not like the other bloggers who try to make a fashion statment with their hi-funda vocabs and language....Piss off show-offs!!!