Saturday, 19 January 2008

Yami!! the very best

I ride a Yamaha RX100 and im mighty well proud abt it. My bike may be as nearly as old as me but it still rocks and can beat the shit outta any goddammed 4 strokes on the roads. My driving days are on the backburners now, im done with my college and settling down into this new job but occasionally i gun the throttle just to see if i've still got the adrelain rush to go flat out in heavy traffic. The pleasure of zipping through traffic at breakneck speeds past unsuspecting 4 strokes is just pure worth the risk!!!

I was riding home from work on friday nite, my house is on the outskirts and it normally takes me 30 mins on the state highway to reach my place. I was doin abt 60-70km/hr but since i've got a Yamaha RX100 i would sound like its doin 100km/hr. I was just beginning to enjoy the rev and the roar of the engine when a Pulsar with a female pillion rider meanly cut into me, that really pissed me off and broke my peace.

The guy obviously trying to show who's the boss to his female partner thought ill give up easily and he can boast abt it with his girlfriend. Well well well....i had other plans, we had nearly 15 kms of the state highway to ourselves, being pongal season the roads wer not as crowded, so it was just the both of us and a traffic free highway, wat a setting.

For some reason i dont like the Pulsars, i dont make assumtions, id driven many pulsars right across the plains of coimbatore to the hills of ooty, the pulsar is not a very good bike as portrayed. Its not got a gud riding position and its not rock solid at highspeeds and more over it doesnt really accelerate etall. Its cumbersome and heavy and drags from 0-100 in goddamm watever mins...

Well coming back to the race setting, i had a feeling that the pulsar was going to be fast on the straights and my only chance was acceleration. My yamaha is nearly 15yrs old but its got a new engine with just 400kms logged and i didnt want to push the bike hard. Imagine my surprise when i gunned the throttle, i was doing 90 and began to gain an definite edge over the pulsar, but by 100 the pulsar started kicking up a real fight! The bike is afterall brand new and its a performance bike..... lol!!!!

Searing past 100 the dynamics of the bikes came to play, the yamaha was rock solid and very firm on the curves and during overtaking, but the pulsar was kinda bouncing off the road at every bump and hole. I immediately knew that if i manage to go past 110 the pulsar is history and history it was!!

I raced into my neighborhood and waited by the road side to let the pulsar pass. I honked when he passed just to spoil his repute, the arse thought he could show off in front of his gurlfriend by taking on a yamaha.....idiot. And the best past....... the look on the girls face ....priceless!!!

"Somethings money cant buy for everything else there's a Yamaha!!"

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Guilty pleasures!

Like every common man i have my list of things id like to do before i hit the ripe old age of 60.......

1. Jump outta airplane
2. Bungee Jump from a bridge in New Zealand.
2. Own a BMW
3. Drive a Ferrari
4. Visit the 7 wonders
5. Do a road trip across Europe

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

The year gone by.........!!

Its become a habit of me now to take a moment and reflect the year gone by, 2007 didnt promise much, but it somehow didnt disappoint either, i switched jobs, couple of the guyz got married, i came back to my own country, made a lot of new friends in office....hmm its actually not quiet the lethargic year i expected 2007 to be.

Im learning the nuances of living with my parents again. Its actually more tricky than i thought, my whole thought process has changed since i've to come back home every nite what ever the time may be. Im back to being the No.2 in the household, ur decisions are always scrutinized and critized which was never the case when i stayed alone in Glasgow. More over the family car and the stereo in my room is not entirely mine, im not allowed to drive more than 80kms/hr, i cant swear at erring drivers, i can listen to music only at a certain decibel and i cant play music rite into the night!!

Coming to 2008, i decided to buy myself a nice gift, my YAMAHA was in dire need of a new engine, so thats exactly what i did; i took to bike to the mechanic on the 30th of Dec 2007 and made sure i got the bike back on the 1st of Jan 2008. Im really happy the bike has got a spanking new engine and a much needed service. other year has gone by, im fairly satisfied with the progress i've made, but i really need to jump start 2008. The world moves very fast, if u dont make it on time, ur gonna miss the bus, and the whole world awaits to laugh at you!!


I hope the US stops throwing bombs on which ever country it pleases, i hope the oil price rise stops, hope i can fill up my RX100 and feel the wind on my face just like the old times.......price of petrol was Rs. 30 then!!