Sunday, 20 April 2008

A broken promise

Ok, i broke a promise...i made a promise to myself that i wont needlessly drive like an idiot with other idiots on the road. I really dont have to put my life on the line and race with guys i hardly care abt. Of course it gives me a high wen i beat the crap outta 'em but is it really worth it?

I did it on Friday and did it 2day, i need to stop this whole "whoz the man?" stuff. Now im seriously thinking abt swapping my Yamaha for my sisters Honda. Who knowz, it cud save somebody their life.

"Speed kills", oh yeah i've heard that before!!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Wer the f*&k is my money??

I made my mind to check my bank balance 2day and was in for a nice surprise, i swiped my card in the slot and clicked on mini-stmt...i waited and waited for eternity (apparently the bloody machine was conked and the security guard at the ATM didnt bother putting up a board on the machine). So I waited till the other machine was free and eagerly clicked on "mini stmt". It came finally and came with a bomb, my balance was so damn rockbottom. I've not spent a lot the past few months and i expected my balance to be healthy but its always the same, the more u yearn for something, the harder it is to get. Further more my company has made it a habit to never pay in time so id actually never calculated this months wage. But still u gotta have something left in the bank!

This means one thing, either im not earning enuf or im not saving enuf :( all i wish is a few more rupees and im a contented man but that few more rupees keep rising every month just like inflation and im never a contented man. Does anybody else out there feel the same??