Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Absolutely rocking!!

I had to have this information posted, read Its quiet possibly the funniest shit you can read on the web for a long long time. Absolutely hilarious.

Monday, 26 May 2008


I've changed the banner of my blogspot, decided to go for the black theme......pretty gud eh?? im impressed. I thought the previous banner was nice but decided to create a new one and hey this one seems to be much better and professional!
Just when i think, i've done something well/nice/gud i realise the next time i can do it much better.
My realizations:
"U never stop learning"
"Just when u think u've given a 100%, u realize u can do much better the next time"
"Creativity is all about freedom, try limiting it, the result will show"

Friday, 2 May 2008

9 minutes of absolute freedom

Ok this is something which was advocated by one of my mates, wat wud i do if i got 9 mins of absolute freedom?
* reduce crude oil prices
* get Bush a special posting in Iraq (not as a diplomat but as an army unit engaging the occupied forces) for the rest of his life
* make politicians suffer for their disregard to the society
* get myself admitted into IIM
* reduce my abs
* learn to swim
* steal a 9 min ride on an R1 (thats God, for yamaha enthus)
* crash a Rolls-Royce just for fun
and finally
* keep doin bungees of a bridge in NewZeland!!