Sunday, 5 August 2007

Desi's last thoughts abt Glasgow!

Its almost my last few dayz in this beautiful country, not England.......Scotland. My mind races back to all the fond memories and moments ive endured in this place.

#The Glagow Platter: One of the very first things which occured to me when i landed in Glasgow International Airport is that these guyz speak a totally different twang(slang), its English alrite but its so very different, "Yes" is "Aye", "No" is "Nae", Coke/Pepsi/IrnBru is referred to as "Ginger", "Whityedaein?" meanin "Wat are you doin?" It was a weird experience, waking into Burger King or McDonalds i wud hardly understand wat the girl in the counter wud say, there have been umteen times wen id ordered a particular Burger and wud end up having another most notably in my case wud been a Cheese Burger (oh, cheese is not ur average cheese, cheese in this part of the world is mostly pork or other Red Meat)!!!!

#The Bus Journey:First Group is the bus operator in Glasgow and the thing with them is that u have to tender exact change to the driver(there are no conductors). I remember the first time i walked into the bus and handed over a £5 note for £1.50 ticket. U dont normally hand the monie to the driver, u just drop the monie into a glass box situated in front of the driver. I dropped the £5 pound note into the box and watched in horror as the driver simply smiled and said 'thanks mate', 'thanks??' wer is the remaining change i asked, he simply pointed to a small sign board with even smaller writing 'pls tender exact change'. Immediately my desi brain did the maths id effectively blown Rs.290 on a 2min bus journey!!!

#The Pub: ive gone to this pub with my collegues for the very first time, i assumed that we wud normally buy drinks for ourselves and pay for it. But these guyz apparently had other plans, one person at a time wud buy drinks for everybody. Now this is a problem, im sittin here with less than £20 quid in my pocket. Round 1: £10 blown, Round 2: £20 im dredding the inevitable, these guyz usually dont stop till Round 9. Now u can imagine my dire situation, one more round and im bust, i was makin plans to go to the toilet and drown myself. But a miracle happens, the guyz just stop suddenly for no reason. Everybody just decided to stop and go home, God surely does exist, well atleast HE was drinking in the same pub as me at that day!!!

There were many more moments and embarrasments i had to endure in this country. Id cherish every moment for a long time. Id miss Glasgow, the pubs, the drunks, the football fans and chanting, and most of all the Kilt.