Thursday, 8 March 2007

Best Moments in life (Part 1)

I can never really tell my best moments in life from the worst, coz my worst moments have in one way or the other have been responsible for my best ones....!!confusin??

Let me explain:
# the day the bastards whom i to stood up for stabbed my back i realised never to trust an opportunist.
# the day my dad refused to buy me a brand new bike, i got my Yamaha RX100 (second hand).
# the day i decided i didnt wanna go to THE USA, i came to UK instead, better still to Scotland.

Well there are 100's more like the above instances but its ironic that my best moments have alwayz followed a cock up.

Cherished memories of the following instances will forever be embedded in my memory:
*first college bunking to go to the movies.
*first trip with my new pals to Kovai kuttralam(Waterfalls)
*first accident and the subsequent coverup(wud never forget Lushan chipping in with money for the repairs)
*first time i drove my bike to college, tearing down the highway
*first mass bunk of our class to ooty(innumberable trips thereafter).
*trips to Videghi falls(with classmates and then with my other gang)
*mass bunkin to Bangalore in Lush's Bolero and Harish's Matiz.
*trips to Kodaikanal, Valparai(Pollachi).
*college farewell

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

The land of Scots

Glasgow City is a classic example of victorian architecture combined with modern buildings. Glaswegians are typically Scots who hate the English, not like their Edinburgh counterparts who have a more pro-england attitude. I like the Scots for who they are, friendly, not hard working and fiercely independent(tho' scotland is not an independent country), they are proud of their country and their drinking culture and ofcourse their fanatical football teams(Rangers & Celtic).

Glasgow is a city teeming with pubs and European crowd, mainly Polish(characterised by uniquely good looking women). You also get a lot of European students who study in the various famous universities like Uni. of Glasgow, Uni of Strathclyde, Uni of Paisley(thats my uni, had to add it outta compulsion though its no way as gud as the others!!) Then there are the asians mainly Pakistanis who runs the various 'Indian' restaurants/take aways, Warehouses and Corner shops. You will not find many Guju's and Punjabis like u find in London tho' they are a sizable population.

Id driven pretty much coast-to-coast of UK and Scotland is by far the most awe-inspiring and beautiful place u cud drive across. The Highlands have some of the most jaw-dropping places on the face of the Earth and its tourism service is upto the task of promoting even a small stream as a Waterfall!!

The only hazzard as such in Scotland are the 'junkies', they are real entertaining folks, but if u observe them from a distance. Go anywhere close when they are in their element and u've had it, they wud chew ur face off!! Oh, junkies are basically addicts,drunk, jobless guys/gals who depend on gov. benefits. They are amazing guys who wud even part with their roll-n-sausage but not with their rollups(tobacco rolled in a paper).

Edinburgh, the other twin is a real snob, so are the ppl, just like their English counterparts, bloody arrogant bastards. Its very touristy but nothin like Glasgow which has far more friendly people and a real metro feel, not to mention the fashionable girls ;)