Tuesday, 8 May 2007

I Own the Road!!!

She is the one thing i wud cherish throughout my life, im not married yet and my-kinda-girl does not exist(yet) so the thing i most cherish is a Yamaha RX100. Thinking abt her is erotic enough to tingle my....err, whoa!im taking this too far!!

I still remember the first time id lay my eyes on her, it wud be love at first sight. She stood there gleaming in her chrome and silver, the picture is still etched in my brain, all cud just muster is a WOW! That was the beginning of my adventure and love affair. Like every teenager i wanted a bike to satisfy my thirst for thrill. Id sit and day dream abt a bike that oozes style and speed, but must confess ive never thought my dad wud get me an RX100 for godsake.

An RX is GOD to guyz like me who grew up watching the bike tear down the highway at breakneck speeds and that unique erotic exhaust noise that would make heads turn, girls wer an extra plus though ;) This bike oozes style and thrill, it could be stripped to its frame and still look gud, its pickup would leave other bikes huffing and puffing in its smoke, its insane 0-100km/hr would leave u speechess and yet its tyres will stick to the road like it being glued. Man, i cud go on and on abt an RX100.

My biker gang was pretty kweel, they wud no matter wat, take their bikes to wherever their arses went. We shared some pretty nice rides to Ooty, Kodaikanal, Valparai, Kovai kuttralam..... and the list bloody goes on. The gang of freaks included: Lushan with his stylish Yamaha YBX, Muthu on pristine Suzuki Fiero(he's also got a Yamaha RX135), Amar with his barebone Yamaha RX100(he's also got a Yamaha Crux and a Libero!!) Arunkumar with his insane Yamaha Crux, occationally Naveen and Gokul wud join us with their.....again Yamaha RX135's.

Oh yeah, my RX100 was stripped and totally reworked to do some really gud driving. It had some kweel colors too, Subaru blue with a splash of yellow!! wierd combination that stood out. Now ive run of out words to describe my various trips and im gettin nostalgic thinking abt them, so i wanna stop here enjoy the wind on my face and cherish my memories. Ciao!!! long live the gang!!