Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Life is beautiful........in parts that is!

I sat on the couch and watched my gang of absolutely idiotic friends dance to "My dream is to fly" by Yves Larock. We were at Havana, Raintree hotels, Chennai celebrating friendship and all that comes with it, laughter, fights, jealousy, joy, sharing, crying and the last but not the least the joy of knowing we will there as friends forever.

They danced without a care in this world, the laughter, fun, gossiping, drinking was all so spontaneous. Nothing looked artificial, i could look into all their moist eyes and see the truthful innocent bonding of friendship. We have always been together in spite of the grossly different attitudes we carry as individuals. But the time had come for us to bid our goodbyes and everybody knew that on that very night.

Niteouts were never planned, Blore, Kodai, Pondy was always at a cruising distance. Drinking chai was always an excuse to drive down to Kovalam on the East Coast Road. A planned dinner will invariably be at Moonrakers in Mahabalipuram. A planned niteout will be in Bikes n Barrels and unplanned ones will always be a drinking session on the Besant nagar beach parking lot inside the cramped confines of a car.

As i watched them smile and dance and tease each other on the dance floor my mind went back to the memories and moments which will forever be etched in my memory about this gang. Its the last few days we'll all be together as individual friends. She is getting married, He is relocating to Bombay, She is flying to US and I might relocate to B'lore leaving just one guy stuck in Chennai. In effect we are celebrating the spirit of friendship and separation with equal joy and sorrow respectively.

We will thread different path, each will find his/her own circle again, we will go partying/drinking/dancing again, but for sure....if i would like to dissect my life into phases; I've just lived the best phase of my life, the guys will agree it too on their part. It can never gets better than this. Life is beautiful!!


The Seeker said...

hey abbyyy! long time bro! that was such a nostalgic, beautiful, funny, melancholic, beautiful, every emotion filled post! and I love it reading exactly when I felt I have been missing all my friends here... Cheers to all your friends and you!! good luck to everyone...

Don bosco said...

All that we wanted to have, all the fun all the madness , all those drives, we were never bothered about anything, Yes we were not even bothered about whats the plan for the future. we were so engrossed in the present that we failed to predict the future. Now here we are each one in different direction faking ourselves in the name of following dreams, Just scattering the actual dreamn which we were living. If God has his plans and he better have a plan that we get to do this again. Only when the flight landed in Mumbai i realised i ahve left something back in chennai. Its all my happiness and the crazy me. ha ha .