Thursday, 21 October 2010

The scooter story-'Like father like son'

I'm about 6to 7 years old standing in the gap (between the handle bar and the front seat)of my dads scooter. He is driving it at a sedate pace and i can feel the wind on my face, i decided to be brave and asked Dad if i can ride. "Sure" he says and i can feel the sway of the scooter responding to my hands, feels like magic, the thrill is enormous and i'm grinning ear to ear.

I'm 11 years old sitting pillion on my pals bicycle, facinated by the cycle i cajole my dad to buy me a second hand Hero Ranger Jr. The next day my first solo riding leasson is down hill with a steep curve and further down hill ride. I'm screaming my lungs out as im thundering downhill at impossible speeds for a 11 yr old not hoping to make the curve, i make it and i feel like the all conquering .

I'm 14 years old sitting pillion on my Dads scooter when my mechanic asks if i know to ride, i lie 'Yes'. Next day i decide to teach myself, i kick start the scooter and slowly move it and oh boy it moved. My addiction started young and by 15 i was driving motorbikes and ripping my dads scooter to whatever impossible speeds it could take.

I'm 15 years old washing my dads Maruti 800, deciding to be brave i turn on the ignition and reverse park the car. Dad is mighty pleased but sternly says 'Only reversing, okay?' Gradually i start sneaking the car out for a little spin every time i wash the car and park it exactly like it has to be parked after being reversed.

I'm 18 years old, dad was out of station and i decided to take the car on the main highway. Take it out for a quick spin to my friends house about 5 kms away and my confidence is in full bloom to handle highway driving.

I'm 23 years old, dad and mom visit me in the UK. We decide to go on a vacation and im the driver of the hired 7 seater van. Dad gets to taste my real driving skills, the needle inches towards 100 miles/hr and dad sitting with a horrified expression! Priceless!!

I'm 28 years old, have my own car and my family goes for a vacation to Mysore. Dad forces the keys of my hand and drives the car. Before i realize it he is hitting 100kmph on the hills with a childish grin on his face and i sit riveted on my seat shit scared! He is 60+ yrs old and i realize where i got my genes. Its all in the family!!

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